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One of 2016's Goals

So one of my many goals this year is to walk\run 14 miles a week. This may not seem like much but it is for me. I have arthritis and a hip ...

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Rambles

Congrats to Mary who won the giveaway. She entered through Facebook here. We are having some lovely weather today.I have my windows open and the breeze feels amazing.I've been getting some schoolwork done and housework too. Saturday I got the living room spring cleaned. This weekend I will hopefully get the dining room and kitchen completed. I plan on spending some time tomorrow getting some seeds planted. Since Winter hung on for so long I have been holding off on starting my seeds. I knew they would get to leggy by the time it warmed up. So I will have a late start on gardening but better late than never right? I might get some plants from the farmers market to get started with but I'm not sure yet.
It would be nice if I didn't have to work tonight. I would love to spend some time outdoors. I am thankful to have my job though so I will be content. I hope to be able to get started on a blog post for my ministry blog ( I know, there hasn't been a post there in ages). I have had  a thought on my mind and heart all day and I just feel that is where it needs to go. I'm really wanting to revitalize my blogs. I miss them...I miss readers and commenters too but I know they will return soon. My Daughter and I were discussing how it seems a lot of our bloggy buddies seem to have taken a break for a while too and some have just left the blogging world. If you are still out there writing and reading be sure to stop by and leave a comment or two. Blessings on this beautiful day! ~
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Cleaning Time ... Free Checklists

Winter has finally loosed its grasp here in East Tennessee and the temps are warming up.Saturday was a nice and toasty 64. I think it was fantastic especially since we had TMan's birthday cookout  at my parent's house. Of course with Spring finally making its way here, it is time to clean. I heard you groan lol I feel the same way at times but deep down I do enjoy having the fresh feeling of a deep cleaned house even if I don't enjoy the actual cleaning. I love having the breeze move through the open windows. I love bringing the outside in. I think the house smells so much cleaner when the Spring air moves through it. Even though I love a deep cleaned house , the motivation to clean can be hard to rustle up. To help out I make a list of things I want to accomplish and mark them off as I go. Getting started is the hardest part ...it is all downhill from there. I usually just write my list out on paper but I found some neat (pardon the pun) cleaning lists that can be printed. I thought they might inspire me to get going...now I don't know which one to pick....
Be sure to look at these and see if you can find one to suit your needs :) Happy Spring!
P.S. Don't forget about the giveaway I'm hosting. It ends Sunday :) Blessings! ~ Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Spring Cleaning Checklists