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I hope the day finds everyone well and happy :). I have been lurking and reading a lot lately but honestly my brain has been too fried to re...

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Farmers Market

Roosie and I went to the farmer's market Saturday at our local Farmers CoOp. There were not many vendors out but we still found some great produce at good prices. Then we came home and picked lettuce and onions from the garden. We had a wonderful lunch :) We had fried green maters, pinto beans, cornbread, fried yellow squash and "kilt" (y'all country folk know what I'm talking about) lettuce and onions. It was very fattening but very good.
I ended up having 2 quarts of green bell pepper, 2 quarts of banana pepper and 2 quarts of yellow squash to put in the freezer. You can keep up with our canning and freezing using the pages tabs at the top of my blog if you'd like. I have to get my cukes pickled tonight.I think I will end up having about 5 quarts to can. We will see :) I have to at least get an extra pint made for the county fair.
I have been slugging away at school and I am almost done with my first math class. I have a final on the 5th for it and if I pass the class I will start my next math class on the 6th. If all goes as planned I will take my prenursing exam in July and earn some extra points. I will apply for nursing school this Fall. I get 3 weeks off in August before Fall classes start.
Please be in prayer for Preacher. He goes to the doctor today to find out if they will be doing surgery to try and fix the damage in his shoulder from a fall he had several years ago at his old job. If he has surgery and is out of work things will be real tight around here again instead of "kinda" tight :) I know God will provide cause he has never failed us yet but my humanity worries a lot sometimes if ya know what I mean.
Well I'm off for another day. Blessings !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day Of Summer

Although today is the official start of the Summer season and everyone is gearing up to see things like this:
 around here it has felt like Summer forever and believe it or not there are some who long to see this:

Myself, I am a BIG fan of :
I do enjoy Summer. I love getting together with family, fireworks, cold watermelon on a hot day, long days, lightening bugs in a deep blue twilight sky,blackberries and the lazy drone of the bees and bugs that lull you to sleep on the porch. But I despise the heat and the suffocating humidity.
Now Autumn, Autumn is amazing. I love that morning when you first feel the nip in the air. The smell of dying leaves and the spicy scent of the mums.Autumn is a sight, a smell ...a feeling :)
But for now Summer is here and I will enjoy its briefness while it lasts but I do long for you Autumn...see you soon.
Blessings! ~ Nikki

Friday, June 17, 2011

Its Hot! ... Appreciate Your Volunteers :)

The temps here have been so nasty . We have been having 90 degree weather since May which is unusual for us. It has been so dry too. We did get rain the other night. A good long but unfortunately heavy rain which helped some with the garden but did wash away some things. We need a nice steady 3 day rain. My garden is looking very pitiful. We water and fertilize but its just not helping much. I'm hoping that if I replant for a fall crop it will do better. Looks like the farmers market for us this year though to supplement our food supply.
Preacher and I went thrift store shopping the other day and he picked up a bag of knitting needles for me for $1. It had about 8 or so in it. I'm not very good at knitting but I do enjoy working at it. I still have not completed crocheting my girls' summer glove order. Time to get on the ball I guess.
My oldest son T volunteers with the Rescue Squad here and he does such an amazing job. He will be going to school to become an EMT/Paramedic after high school. He has such a big heart and loves helping people. I just wanted to give him a little shout out here. I LOVE YOU T AND I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!

If you have a volunteer in your life, let them know how much they mean to you. Sometimes they are so under-appreciated.
Well have a blessed day everyone! ~ Nikki

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Back...What's been Going On?!

Sorry for the long absence everyone. I have been going, going ,going  for the last couple of months. Here is a real quick "catch up".
Started Summer courses working to getting my A.A.S. degree and R.N. I was blessed to finish Anatomy & Physiology I lecture and lab with an "A" in both. Earned 4 credit hours and 1000 points toward my nursing school application.
Started my first math class of the Summer and A & P II. Hoping and praying to make an "A" in AP II. Pray with me please :) We earn higher points for "A"s in our sciences. The higher points we earn the more likely we get accepted to the nursing school.
These Summer courses are so fast paced that I may not always find the time to blog everyday or even every week but I promise to try.
We got to spend last weekend camping with my Parents and my Brother. We are going up to stay Friday night too. Its so nice to get away for a while.We are staying in Cades Cove. Last Sunday we saw 10 bear. Plus the lightening bugs are synching this week and it is amazing to see thousands of them in an open field flashing. We watched them synch last night in our yard but it was nothing like the grand scale wee are looking forward to Friday night.
My dear Seester Nomi just filled my week with surprises that made me smile. First she got me a canning kit so now I don't have to use my tongs. I actually have a jar lifter now. Plus she sent me the prettiest postcard. She knows how to make me smile. I love you Nomi!!!!!!
Well I hope everyone has a blessed day ! Blessings! ~ Nikki