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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally Home...For A While Anyway

I am finally home from Convention. The kids did great! They brought home 57 medals this year. The trip was long and tiresome but well worth it. We got home late Saturday evening and left again early Sunday morning to head out to Chattanooga to visit my DH's parents. His Dad had to have some test done on his heart. We don't know the results yet but please be praying for him; his name is Clyde. All this traveling has left me very tired but I am excited to finally get started on my garden. I have to till up my little bed and a few other plots I have picked out for things. I will be planting my lettuce, onions and potatoes this week. I will be getting my seeds started also. I'm late this year but I didn't want them to die while I was away. Plus its still way to cold for transplanting tender new plants anyway. It will be plenty warm enough in about 2 weeks and my plants will be good to go by then too. We will be having at least one more frost before winter shakes loose this year and I want to avoid replanting anything if I can.
I have a lot of spring cleaning to do inside and out this year. I feel another urge to de-clutter :) It will be fun to get back into our regular school routine,clean and garden. Time management will be key. I have some sewing projects I want to finish and some I need to get started on. Its a good thing I have more daylight hours later in the day now so I can get all my inside stuff done and still get to work outside for a while.
Well, have a blessed day in the Lord everyone! ~ Nikki


odiie said...

We just got back from Chattanooga. Sorry we missed you. We ended going through Nashville, Chattanooga, Cleveland and Knoxville. Pretty much all over the state. We stopped at Mammoth Cave on the way home. You have a beautiful state.

Cary Ann said...

Glad you had a great trip and made it home safely. I need to get my items planted too. Hope the rest of your week is great.

J.C. (Chy) said...

Thanks! Definitely know what you mean....

You're welcome! Love ya bunches!