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Monday, April 30, 2012

Goings on and such...

Today I had my final in Pharmacology. I think I did fairly well. Wednesday is my final in Fundamentals so lots of studying ahead. It has been very warm here for the last few days with highs in the 80s. We can't complain much though as we had a true Dogwood and Blackberry Winter with cold temps and even frost over the last few weeks. I'm eager to get my garden out now that the weather seems to have settled down. Hopefully even the tornadic weather has decided to stay away for a while since we have had some nasty bouts with it also this year.
Right now it is a pleasant evening. I'm sitting in my favorite chair beside the picture windows in my living room. There is a cool breeze blowing through the house bringing the heady scent of honeysuckle with it. I let the honeysuckle grow wild in my front flower garden . I love the smell of ...it is so relaxing especially when mixed with the birdsong. And of course y'all know I like having my windows open as soon as the weather is warm enough. It makes the house feel so nice and helps lower the electric bill too.
My blackberry bushes are covered in blooms this year so I am hoping for a good crop.They are wild bushes so its a totally free crop :) I need to cover them as soon as the blooms are gone though so that the birds don't end up with more fruit than us. I would love to get some jelly and jam put up this year.
Well, have a pleasant evening everyone. Blessings! ~ Nikki

Saturday, April 28, 2012

its me ...again

Life is somewhat back on an even keel, at least for now. Life has been a whirlwind since my last post. DH was blessed to not have to have open heart surgery but there have been and will be many more doctor appointments to continue to treat his condition. With some follow up testing they now also believe he may have COPD.  We should know more about those results when he goes back to his PCP next month. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
Life has taken many other turns that have just kept my heart and mind busy and my thoughts pulled away from this blog. I have continued on in nursing school. I received a wonder evaluation from my instructor on my Clinical performance. I just need to do well on my finals next week and I can then say I finished this first semester well. But the one thing that has consumed me and at times completely drained me is that we left our church that was our home for 13 years. I served as youth director and Drama Team leader there and served with DH Preacher in the JR church ministry. Although we had been praying for a while on whether or not to leave because of spiritual issues there,sadly, our decision to finally leave came about due to comments our Pastor's wife made to our oldest son. Like any teen trying to live the Christian life today, he struggles to do what is right and also to try and find his "place" among his peers. He is an outstanding young man who was saved several years ago but sometimes now he doesn't always make the greatest choices and that simply means he is human and sins like we all do. He was always being berated by the Pastor's wife and daughter with snide comments and derision not only at church but during school hours, often being openly mocked and ridiculed in front of other children. The final straw came when he made a choice not to participate in a choir competition for school because not only had they been practicing for just over a week , 3 days before they were to leave , the song was being changed for the third time.He told me he did not wish to look foolish in front of the other schools because his instructors couldn't get their head in the game months before and prepare them for the competition. His father and I gave him permission to not participate. When he informed his teacher (Pastor's wife) of his decision, she became very angry at him. Not long after, another classmate also chose to not participate for the same reasons as my son. The PW then proceeded to tell this student that he should make his own choices and be a leader not a follower because the one he was following (i.e. my son) would lead him straight to hell. Later at church that night she announced during prayer requests to pray for those students especially the one one who was leading them down that path to destruction. Now , my son may not be perfect but his judge is God not her. She has always been a gossip and back biter and sadly our Pastor has never set his foot down to put his wife's attitude in order. Over 12 families have left our church over the years due to things she has said and done to or about them and one couple even took her before the deacon board. I pulled my son from the school the next day when I found out what happened and we have not returned to that church. My son was very hurt over what she said to him and about him.And to make matters worse we found out that the PW is spreading lies about us to the congregation and her and her daughter are also bad mouthing my daughter and I to the youth and drama team. These are people we counted as friends. I know God has our back, and he has truly blessed us with good Christian fellowship and some spirit filled services where we have visited, which is something that had been missing for a while at our church, but still the pain of what is being done behind our backs is terrible. The choice to leave was hard to make but in the end it was best for our family. We have yet to find a church "home" but we know God is faithful and will lead us to the right place.
Again I apologize to anyone who does still read here for the long absence. As you can read, life has been a roller coaster ride for us. Keep us in your prayers. My daughter is in the process of making me a new template for this blog and I will be updating again. I just had to spend some time in my "shell" mulling over life. But I do have some good news, out of all the trials and burdens over the past little while, I have again been inspired to write. God has given me so many new things to put to paper. It has been like a dam burst and words and ideas have begun to flow again. I missed not being "able" to write devotions and things and I am glad He restored that joy to me. As I said before , keep us in your prayers and come back again. I'm getting that garden in next week :) I did have to wait after all for Winter to decide to leave and take the frost with him lol. Have a blessed day everyone!