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Some photos for you to enjoy :) (Another Quick Catch Up Post)

I hope the day finds everyone well and happy :). I have been lurking and reading a lot lately but honestly my brain has been too fried to re...

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pantry Prep For This Week

I was very blessed this week in getting some canning jars. Nomi , my Seester/Cousin gave me two dozen 1/2 gallon jars. These will house my children's precious storehouse of dill pickles.She was blessed with them and just passed some of the blessing onto me. Thank you Seester :)
Plus yesterday for our anniversary (more on that later) Preacher and I went yardsaling (is that even a word ?) to some yard sales. He bought me two dozen quart jars for $6. I was so excited. I have plenty jars to get to filling now.

On another note, my Cousin Shirley blessed me this week too. Several years ago she acquired a cabinet that belonged to my Mamaw.She told me that whenever she had the chance she would bring it to me. This week she came through! Now I not only have a precious heirloom of my Mamaw's but I also have some awesome storage for my canning projects.
Have a great Sunday everyone, Blessings! ~ Nikki

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Preacher's Anniversary Present

Saturday is our anniversary. Preacher has been wanting some more of those "cooling" bandannas. He used to have one and he loved it. Alas, it has traveled on. But I will be surprising him with some homemade ones :)  I plan on sewing them up Friday because its really my only "free" day to sew.I will post some pictures if you like and show you how they turn out.
Today has been a good day. The kids and I did our chores and then they relaxed for a while. Tman went to Dollywood with his friend. I finished my math homework and then we met Preacher at my parent's house for supper. Preacher helped my Daddy work on his mower. BabyGirl and I had school tonight but after we got out we all enjoyed a relaxing  sunset on the front porch.
Roosie made us some homemade pizza for a snack after school. She did an amazing job too :) She will be an amazing cook as she gets older. Of course her brother, Hoopy, was picking on her about her cooking but they are two peas in a pod and they don't stay angry at each other for long.
Well now its late. Preacher is sleeping and the kids have a friend staying tonight so they are going to be up late gaming. I have 3 tests to study for but my brain is tired tonight. Three hours of math will do that for a person lol. So I will be lurking and reading some blogs for a while yet. Bed time soon though *wink* Have a great night everyone, Blessings! ~ Nikki

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Book of James eChart Download

The Book of James eChart Download
I love using Rose's charts. I get them for free in my email. You should check them out :) ~ Nikki

Simple Woman's Daybook (#1 for me)

Outside my window...
The sun is shining through the Rose of Sharon blooms .
I am thinking...
of lots of little things too numerous to mention .
I am thankful...
for all my Blessings. Especially family and less humidity today :)
From the learning rooms...(if this applies)
Math test today for me.
In the kitchen...
grilled burgers for supper tonight. Since the weather is a bit nicer I want to enjoy it when I get home from school. 
I am wearing..
.My comfy $ 1 lounge pants and a tank. I feel kinda sloppy but comfy :)
I am creating...
an anniversary surprise for my DH Preacher.
I am going...
to Squad to pick up Tman , then to school,then to my Momma's to pick up my girls and then home again.
I am wondering...
if I will ever get our school year organized.
I am reading...
my DD's book that she wrote. I get to be editor :) She is so talented.
I am hoping...
that my lost loved ones come to know the Lord as their Savior and that peace will reign in the lives of my friends and family.
I am looking forward to...
Autumn! its my favorite season.
I am hearing...
the cicadas, finally! I must be strange but I love the buzz of all the Summer insects. Its comforting to me because growing up in the country that's all we heard.
Around the house...
I'm doing laundry and simple cleaning. There are tons more organizing projects I need to do but not today. *sigh*
 I am pondering...
how we get so far from the old ways so very fast.
One of my favorite things...
is time with family. I love making memories.
few plans for the rest of the week:
I will be canning pickles,cleaning up outside and doing some pre- Fall cleanup/organizing projects.
Here is a picture for thought I am sharing... 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some photos for you to enjoy :) (Another Quick Catch Up Post)

I hope the day finds everyone well and happy :). I have been lurking and reading a lot lately but honestly my brain has been too fried to really sit down and post. Ever have days like that?
Here's whats been going on:
I started my new math class and it is intense but I think I will be ok. I'm moving along in AP II and making good grades so far with all my test scores in the 90s. I still have to schedule my pre-nursing test.BabyGirl and I enjoy going to school together although right now we don't actually have class together. We do get to meet for break sometimes which is nice and kind of mellows the stress.
We spent a wonderful July 4th with family cooking out and shooting fireworks. We try to make family memories as often as possible because those are the things that will last.
This past Friday, Preacher's Dad had a heart attack so we had to rush to Chattanooga that afternoon. After having a stint put in my FIL is doing better now although they almost lost him three times during the stint surgery. He is doing better now praise God but please continue to remember him in your prayers. Preacher was able to do some work around the house for his parents while we were there.
It has been way too hot to be outside even in the evening. So we have been keeping cool by staying indoors as much as possible, which stinks cause it is Summer and our school vacation time lol.I water the garden and thats about the extent of my outside chores. The heat wave is suppose to break by this weekend though which is something I look forward to. Our "feels like" temp has been hovering around 105.
Our kitty had her babies. She had four and they are absolutely beautiful. The kids are trying their best to spoil them.
I have some health issues come up that I won't go into detail about but I do ask that you be praying for me. Really , really , really pray about this one :) Thanks
I thought I would end this post with some pictures. I did some picture taking while at my in-laws house. They have the prettiest gardens :) There are also some pictures of pickles and kitties so enjoy! Blessings! ~ Nikki

The "pretty" jar of pickles I made for the fair.

Homemade lasagna. It tasted better than it looks. It was my first time making it :)

I have an affinity for bugs on flowers :)...

... as you can tell :)

2 BUGS!!!!!!

oooooh...pretty :)

ahhhh...another pretty :)

I love the play of light on this one

Lemon Balm, the first herb I ever grew came from this garden; given to me by my FIL :)

I'm sure "sonflowers" are God's favorite. I know they're mine (plus roses)

Ragged and a lil worn but still beautiful :)

They're so cute! Isn't my lil Smurph (momma) a cutie?