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Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday 16 th Tman!

Today my son turned 16. He has grown into such a sweet and wonderful young man. I'm so proud of him!  I hope today has been amazing for you my Son. I love you "foreber and always"! ~ Momma

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Stacy Wayne Smith

Today my brother would have been 37 years old;had he been born. My Momma miscarried him at almost 5 months. She was devastated. 37 years hasn't lessened her pain and feeling of loss. I too miscarried a child and it is a pain no one else can understand unless they have been there. We may not have ever held these children in our arms but we will always hold them in our hearts. Happy Birthday Brother :) Remember all those in prayer who have suffered  miscarriage. ~ Blessings! ~ Nikki

New Devotion Post On My Blog "Walking In The Way"

Check it out here and let me know what you think. There are several printables there for Women's Ministry, Youth or personal devotions. Thanks ~ Blessings! ~ Nikki
Walking In The Way ~ Pruning

Monday, March 21, 2011

OK I know I said I had to go but you have to check out this giveaway!

The Old Fashioned Homemaker is having a fantastic giveaway so be sure to check it out!
The Old Fashioned Homemaker
Blessings! ~ Nikki

Work in progress

That's what I feel like today; a work in progress. I have tons of things I need to get accomplished but motivation is far from me this morning. We have school work to dig into today but I have to take Preacher to the doctor in a few to see if they can fix an old injury that the workers comp doctors didn't fix a few years ago. It has never healed and causes him so much pain. Our school work we have to do today can't be taken on the road with us so maybe later today we will watch some more of our movie we are viewing for social studies this year. We got the free dvd from the History channel; America the story of us. We really love it to be honest. We have all learned so much from it. I like how it adds little details that you might not learn from history books. That has been what we looked for all our years of homeschooling. We search out the little things that might not be common knowledge. Makes things lots more interesting that way.I am finding that in some areas we lean toward some unschooling tendencies as we go along our journey lol.
I have tons of work to do for church also. I have to make a new folder for our JR church paperwork because mine seems to have grown legs and walked away. I like keeping track of attendance and who brought their Bibles to church and who read every day. They get to earn prizes for that and for volunteering to do things like leading in prayer, holding flags for the pledges and stuff like that. We have some great kids at our church. VBS time will soon be upon us. Already it seems that this year is flying by. I couldn't wait til Spring and warmer weather got here but now the days are just slipping away. That's what happens when we wish time away I guess.
I have to go take the COMPASS test soon. I must admit that I am feeling a little nervous. I will be so disappointed if I do all of this and the Nursing program doesn't accept me. I will leave it in the Lord's hands though and be content in the knowledge he holds my future. I believe I am doing what He would have me to so no worries if I move inside His will :) I love being a SAHM who homeschools. It has brought me great joy over the years.But I won't be homeschooling forever. My children are growing up and I would like to be able to be a financial helpmeet to my DH.He has worked so hard over the years  so that I could be home with our children. He is a great man and I love him so much more for all the sacrifices he has made for us.Maybe once I am out of school and working he can slow down some and enjoy more time with his kids. He has several health issues and a slower pace would be good for him. He would make a great homeschool Dad lol
Well readers, I must be moving along. My hair won't brush itself lol so I best get busy. Have a great day everyone. Blessings! ~ Nikki

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Ms. Roosie ! ... Happy Spring Everyone!

Today my beautiful baby girl turned 11. I feel so old lol. She is the "baby" and she is fast becoming a young lady. She is beautiful and amazing and Boog; I love you! Happy birthday! May God bless you with maaaaannnnny more :)
Happy Spring ! Today has been so pretty. Everything is in bloom and the color is awesome this year. We had Roosie's birthday party yesterday and the weather was perfect. We went to the fleas market today because thats what the birthday girl wanted to do. We girls got some very pretty cloth fans to help us stay cool this summer.
I finally got my seeds planted and will be getting the garden prepared this week.
Do you all like my new blog design? My DD BabyGirl (Chy here on blogger) made it for me. Isnt it pretty? Thanks BabyGirl!
Well all its late and I am rambling so I'm outta here. I hope to be getting back in the blogging groove soon so keep in touch lol Blessings! ~ Nikki

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally Home...For A While Anyway

I am finally home from Convention. The kids did great! They brought home 57 medals this year. The trip was long and tiresome but well worth it. We got home late Saturday evening and left again early Sunday morning to head out to Chattanooga to visit my DH's parents. His Dad had to have some test done on his heart. We don't know the results yet but please be praying for him; his name is Clyde. All this traveling has left me very tired but I am excited to finally get started on my garden. I have to till up my little bed and a few other plots I have picked out for things. I will be planting my lettuce, onions and potatoes this week. I will be getting my seeds started also. I'm late this year but I didn't want them to die while I was away. Plus its still way to cold for transplanting tender new plants anyway. It will be plenty warm enough in about 2 weeks and my plants will be good to go by then too. We will be having at least one more frost before winter shakes loose this year and I want to avoid replanting anything if I can.
I have a lot of spring cleaning to do inside and out this year. I feel another urge to de-clutter :) It will be fun to get back into our regular school routine,clean and garden. Time management will be key. I have some sewing projects I want to finish and some I need to get started on. Its a good thing I have more daylight hours later in the day now so I can get all my inside stuff done and still get to work outside for a while.
Well, have a blessed day in the Lord everyone! ~ Nikki

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Im still here

I havent disappeared Readers, I'm still here. We were blessed to be able to go on vacation to Myrtle Beach last week and it was amazing. I had never been to the beach before and I fell in love. I loved walking each day in the surf. It was so relaxing to be there and feel the wind, hear the surf and stand in waters that pirates and pilgrims once sailed in. The shore showed me in grand style how small I am and how big our God is :)
I did learn some things while on vacation;little random things.
1. I love palm trees. especially the short fat ones.
2.All roads in Myrtle Beach lead to Ocean Avenue...
3.You will ask several locals where the local Big Lots store is and they will not know. You will then precede to drive 20 miles up highway 17 to find one. Then the next day you will leave your motel, turn left on 9th avenue, left at the red light and 1/4 mile up the road on the right will be a Big Lots store...big as life...how do the locals not know its there? How did we miss it?
4.Storms rolling in over the ocean are beautiful.
5.Romantic walks on the beach with your Hubby are so awesome.
6.Beach combing with your family is so fun! We found all kinds of treasures. Digging holes in the sand yielded clams and shark teeth for us :)
7.My family is amazing! I love them so much and this vacation was something we all needed and enjoyed. Aren't they great?

Well now I am in Kentucky for a convention that the boys are competing in. Not sure how often I will be posting this week but I will try. I'm eager to get home and get to digging in the dirt now that Spring is coming in. Blessings all! ~ Nikki