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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I Received An Extra Special Blessing

I recently lost my health insurance and unfortunately they had not finished paying for my CPAP machine. They only rent it for 10 months to insure that you are using it then they pay it off. I only had mine for about 4 months when my insurance ran out. So today I had to return mine to the home health center. The guy that works there was so upset that I was not going to be able to keep my machine. He was trying to think of anyway possible to help me get another at low cost or free. He happens to volunteer for our local low income clinic and said that they could possibly help me get one. He told me who to contact at the clinic and said for me to have them set me up for an appointment and see if their doctor would prescribe me a machine. So off I went to the clinic (mind you getting an appointment there can take months) to see Sheri. When I get there and tell her what happened and that Jay said for me to come by and see if they could help, she told me to hang on because she thought they that had recently had one donated. She goes to look and comes back and hands it to me and says"  there ya go sweetie". I was so thankful! No appointment, no wait! I then took it to Jay and he cleaned it and set it for me for no charge. I'm so glad that God puts people like that in our lives to be a blessing to us. I hope that I can be so great a blessing too.
Please be praying for my Son, Tman. He had some blood work done to see whats been going on and making him feel so rotten. We were suppose to get the results back today but the doctors computers went down so now we wait til tomorrow. Thanks y'all. Blessings! ~ Nikki

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sorrow Over The Death Of A Shrew And The Joy Over An Inchworm's Visit

As we get older we somehow lose the "feelings" we have for other "life" on earth. Remember the amazement we use to feel when a butterfly landed on our hand as children or the sadness of a firefly who lost its wing and couldn't fly? Yesterday I had the joy of watching the full circle of emotions felt by kids for the things of nature.
Yesterday I was watching my friends little boy so we took the day off from school. Roosie and J (my friends son) spent the day outside enjoying the perfect Spring weather. BabyGirl and I were putting together treat bags for our youth groups Easter get together. We were sitting at the kitchen table so we could spread out the candy and keep track of what we were doing. Imagine my surprise when in walks Roosie and J carrying a plastic hoe; on which lay a very small and very dead shrew. I don't know why they couldn't holler for me to come outside and look at it but maybe the heartbreak they were feeling overrode any thought of the prudence of carrying a dead shrew into the kitchen. And they were heartbroken. They found it in our driveway without any obvious sign of death although we do have a cat and lots of territorial nesting birds right now. Its demise could have come about in any number of ways. The point being they were so sad over the death of this little shrew. It made me remember how sensitive I was to the suffering and death of animals when I was little. My heart would break all the time it seemed for I grew up a farm girl. They buried the little shrew with all the proper trappings, even a headstone. All day they meandered around the yard yet they came back to the shrew's grave many many times. They carried such a sad countenance all afternoon. But lo and behold joy was not so far away . While playing under the crab apple trees, J became the host of a much beloved inchworm. All sadness slipped away as for over an hour this new "buddy" entertained and tickled. I enjoyed playing with inchworms as a kid but I don't think they ever brought me this much joy. It was refreshing to see the love that kids have for God's creation, to see the joy on their faces when for a little while they are "loved" by a new friend. While watching the kids play in the yard I saw another inchworm sliding down from the box elder in front of the porch. I bet he was hoping to get in on all the fun . Blessings! ~ Nikki

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Thankfully last night the severe storms passed us by and we only had some heavy rain. For some reason though our temps started dropping this afternoon and now its cold. I turned the heat on so we could warm up.
We have had a busy day. Tman had to go to work. The girls and I went to clean church and visit with my parents for a few. Preacher and Hoopy worked on the mower and did some work for our neighbor. I also did some declutter work in the kitchen. We will be doing a whole lot more in the coming weeks. Preacher finally got the mower going and was able to mow the yard. It was just too cold and windy for Hoopy to weed eat right now so we will put it off til Monday.
For supper I made country fried steak using some hamburger patties I had in the freezer. We also had baked potatoes,corn and gravy. Roosie made homemade monkey bread for desert.We tweaked our recipe a little and its so yummy :)
We got the big garden in the other day and I drew up a plan for it today so I can keep track of whats where and whatnot lol.
click for a larger image
I need to get the other garden finished and get my tripod up and get the other tomatoes going. Next week will definitely be busy.
I'm getting ready to go relax for a bit. Hallmark will be showing "The Shunning" tonight at 9. Its from the Beverly Lewis book.I'm looking forward to it. So have a great night everyone! Blessings! ~ Nikki

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sharing A GREAT Library Sale Find

I found this great book about 2 years ago at our local library sale. (Readers Digest Back To Basics 1981) I think I payed 50 cents for it, maybe $1. It has some great homesteading info; from building a log cabin to wild herbs and plants to canning and preserving. I love having this book in our home library. We also have several Foxfire books that have tons of the "old timey" ways in them. I think everyone should have these books in their home library. These are very informative books for everyone who is interested in returning to simpler lifestyles  not just preppers and survivalists. Blessings! ~ Nikki

My Homeschool Blog Is Up And Ready To Go

 Check it out here! (NOTICE: it has not been updated in a while since it was such a hassle on HSB but get ready for those updates to start rolling in.)

Wisdom House Homeschool

I made the decision a while back to move my homeschool blog from Homeschoolblogger.com since things had changed so much and you just never knew if your blog account was there from one day to the next. I know with the latest changes there has been yet another exodus from there to Blogger. I knew I wanted to move my entire blog here but I did not want to have to copy and paste each and every post. Unfortunately wordpress themes will not upload to blogger...unless you convert them :) and here my friends is a free and easy way to to do just that. Check it out here:
If your ready to move from homeschool/homesteadblogger.com them follow these easy tips to make Blogger your new home sweet home.

Whats Been Going On ...

Well it has been busy for us since Friday. I went to Nomi's house so she could cut my hair and to help her pin a quilt. We had a great time together and I ended up getting tons of great vintage fabric from her although I never did get around to getting the hostas I wanted :)
Saturday was spent doing some work around the house. Hoopy and I got our other garden plot plowed. We ended up using a small area in our side yard. I think we will be able to get several rows of corns. beans and other things in there. We still have tons of stuff to do it seems but we will get around to it this week. Steady is the best pace. We added to some fill dirt around the base of one of our large trees in the front yard so that I can plant some flowers there. I will be getting some top soil to cover it and make it look pretty.
I have been working on a new apron in lovely pinks and browns. I need to finish my cowboy quilt set too. I have also started crocheting some lighter weight fingerless gloves for my oldest daughter. She loves having them on while she writes. She says they keep her fingers from cramping so bad.
Sunday was a great day spent at church and then my parents house. We spent all afternoon hanging out on the front porch and just reminiscing. It was awesome. I love time spent with family. Well thats the quick recap of our weekend. Blessings! ~ Nikki

Friday, April 8, 2011

Awesome giveaway...

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