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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Please Pray!

Well I promised an update on Monday but I have yet to get it done because something else happened that supersedes all other things. My DH Preacher was admitted to the hospital Monday with Peristaltic Atrial Fibrillation. It is a condition he has battled for 10 years. Monday his heart was racing at over 170 bpm. Finally about 4 this morning his heart converted back to normal sinus rhythm. During his stress test this morning his blood pressure bottomed out at 50/40. They finally got it back up and his doctor said his stress test was positive for blockage so he is being sent from the hospital here in Hixon (we were in Chattanooga visiting his family) to Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville. He will go by ambulance and I will drive up. For now we know that they will be doing a heart cath and possibly putting in stints. If stints will not fix the problem then open heart surgery will be the next step. Please pray for us. We ended up missing out on our youngest daughter's 12th birthday today. It broke our hearts not to be with our family today. The doctor is afraid Preacher will have a massive stroke or heart attack due to his condition so we are concentrating on getting him healthy again. We know that is the best birthday present we could give any of our kids. I will update more tomorrow and hopefully have a post with all the “catch up “details of the last few months since I have to do more than sit there and worry and stress and tie my hair in knots.. Thanks for reading and for your prayers. Blessings! ~ Nikki

1 comment:

BethAnne said...

My, my Nikki it sure is much to face right now. We can thank the Lord that you do not have to face it alone.
I will keep him in my prayers. Please keep updated. Afterall, what else do you have to do?

May God provide you with talented and skilled physicians for all he has to face.