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Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey Y'all

Just wanted to share some updates again since the blog has again gotten dusty and covered with cobwebs. I mean to be a better blogger but...well, I'm an inconsistent one.There, I said it! Just because I don't post often doesn't mean I don't like to blog... I love it! But sometimes, time just gets away from ya and the mood doesn't seem right and before you know it BOOM! bloggy depression or repression...however you want to label it*giggle*
Some news though, after many years we may have found the cause of my DH's afib. It seems he has a rare birth defect. Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava, which is letting blood (dirty, un-oxygenated) flow back into the wrong side of his heart. Surgery can correct it but not many places can do it and it is very risky. His cardiologist had never seen an actual case of it. It was accidentally found by the radiologist while reading his pulmonary test results. After checking his O2 during activity and finding it doesn't drop into the "danger zone" they have decided to leave it alone for the moment and monitor him for changes.
I finally got my letter of readmission into the nursing program :) I had to drop after my first semester because my school did not get my financial aid through in time. So I will begin again this Fall in the clinical program. *sigh*
There are other things but for the moment they can wait. I hope you're still out there somewhere reading :)
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