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Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday obviously the 13th

Today is just another day but for poor Toodles it was a rough one. He had to have surgery today to remove infection and metal fragments from his finger. Now its a long night in the hospital for IV antibiotics. At least he is feeling much better than yesterday. Nasty nail =1 Toodles =0 Prayers appreciated for a quick recovery. ~ Blessings !


Gentleliving7 said...

Just stopping by after a few years. I hope Toodles recovered well and that you are happy. :)

Nikki said...

I somehow missed seeing your comment until now. Not sure how I managed that lol I'm so sorry for the lack of reply. Toodles did very well. Life is definitely changing, what with my "baby" turning 18 and graduating this year, but I am happy. I'm finding grace in facing the changes of this season in life. It's hard sometimes but I feel blessed the good days outweigh the sad ones. How are you?