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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1,2011

I don't know where January went but I'm glad its gone. I'm so ready for Spring. I know a lot of y'all are getting slammed by a huge snowstorm but that same system is bring us some thunderstorms. I will upload some pictures of our beautiful cloud formations tomorrow. We have had such a nice breezy day.I'm sitting on the porch typing this on my daughter's laptop. Thanks Chy ;)We have actually had very warm days since Friday. I think that we might be getting an early Spring,weather wise anyway. The trees in our front yard have buds on them and so do the roses at church.The birds have even been singing for the last few days. I think they are ready for warmth too.

Preacher got his hours cut back temporarily. Its not suppose to last long. He still gets 40 hours so its not so bad.He usually gets 50.That gives him more time to get his truck running. Its rough having one vehicle when we have so much "running" to do.I can't complain though because we have had more family time together.

I'm still contemplating my garden for this year. I've been mulling over the idea of doing more vertical gardening. We have an old swing set that we can use to hang some buckets from for cukes and climbing veggies. I think we might try the "upside down" tomato idea too except I want to use 5 gallon buckets instead. Anyone had any luck using those? We have a large yard but because we live on a hill we don't have much usable space for gardening. Our landlord (lives next door) offered last year to let us use his garden that he acquired from purchasing the house beside him but now his son lives there so I'm not sure if they will make use of it. So it looks like going up instead of out might be more viable for us. I really want to grow more produce than I have been. Last year was a bad year for gardens here so I ended up having to buy a lot of produce. I love going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings but it can be expensive.
Well it looks like the rain and strong winds are finally here so I best head in . Have a great night everyone and if you are in the path of these storms tonight take care. God Bless! ~ Nikki

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Cary Ann said...

Thunderstorms here too. We were at my parents Sunday and they already had buttercups coming up.Maybe you can use that extra land for your garden. We had record rainfall last spring which drowned so much of our crops. Am hoping this year goes better for us too. You are right those farmers markets can be expensive. Hope you have a great Wednesday.