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Friday, February 18, 2011

It is Official! I Heard The Peepers :)

Spring is officially on its way... I heard the Spring Peepers yesterday ! I love the sound of those dear croaking frogs. It always lifts my spirit when I hear them. The birds have been singing for a while now and I do so enjoy that but something about the first sound of those Peepers just lifts me right up. I'm not much of a Winter person so when I hear the Peepers and know that Spring is right around the corner I feel like I can feel the sunshine deep in my soul.Do you find it weird that I wax so poetic about frogs? I drive my kids nuts over it because every few minutes I'm saying "did you hear them?", lol
We have been enjoying more average and above average temps for our region and it has been so nice except for the fact we all had the flu. We are feeling better now so thats good. I had my windows open yesterday and will today also while its 74 and sunny. I know we will probably have at least two more cold spells here but this warm break makes it bearable.I'm itchin to get my hands in the dirt though and see some growing things.
Today Tman's school is having a bean supper and auction to raise money for a convention trip. Pray that they raise some good money. They always do well in those conventions and this year Hoopy is old enough to attend the regular one instead of the Junior. So my two boys will be competing so keep them in your prayers too.
For years we have planned to take our kids to the beach but they have always fallen through. This year we got a newer vehicle and I reserved our condo at the beach so God willing this year we will get to go. Please pray that we do and that we have a safe journey. See, my husband was Navy so he of course was stationed at the beach and BabyGirl got to go with her cousin last year and technically I have been to Lake Erie and it did have loads of beaches (not the same thing though ya know); I and my other three Blessings have never been to the "beach". So we long to go ! We had planned to go to Virginia Beach or Gulf Shores but money was just too tight so we opted for Myrtle. I got us a condo with full kitchen for 5 days for $355. I thought that was pretty good seeing as how we can cook so we don't have to eat out plus we free comps like free bowling and stuff. We leave next Friday. I pray everything goes well. See BabyGirl turns 18 this summer and chances are good she could meet the "one" and maybe be married by next Summer so this could be our last chance for a family vacation, just Preacher,the kids and I. Is that being selfish ya think?
Well I would like to leave you today with a simple homemade steak sauce recipe I made yesterday. I put it on pork chops and baked them and it was amazing! of course it would work great on steaks or burgers too. It kinda tastes like Heinz 57. Anyway, I kinda tweaked a Rachael Ray recipe (she makes it as a sweet and sour sauce) but let me know if ya try it and like it.
Steak Sauce
1/4 c ketchup
1/4 c yellow mustard ( although spicy brown would be great too)
2 tbs soy sauce
2 tbs worcestershire sauce
1 tbs corn syrup ( you could use sugar, brown sugar too. I didn't add a lot because I didn't want a real sweet sauce.)
pinch of salt
pinch of pepper
Blessings! ~ Nikki

1 comment:

Cary Ann said...

I hope you have a great time on your trip to the beach. Hope you are all feeling better from your sickness. That old stuff has been going around everywhere! We are having tempts in 70s too and it is WONDERFUL!! It won't last I know but I'll enjoy it as long as it stays. Have a great weekend with your family and good luck with your kiddies fund raiser :)