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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog Days Are Over And Done...

... and I find that very exciting. Cooler weather seems to arrived overnight. Our night time temps are down into the 60s this week and highs during the day in the mid to upper 80s.Its almost time to open up the windows again and shut off the AC. I love having the cool nighttime and early morning breezes coming through the house. The last of the "maters" are ripening but the rest of the garden has finally given up. I held out mowing it down, hoping for a few more cukes.I guess we will till and plant for Fall this week. I think I can get some late season cukes, maters and maybe some corn to grow before frost comes. Thats the hope anyway. I do have one thing that has flourished this year and that is the volunteer vine that came up in my flower garden . Turns out that it is a Jack Be Little pumpkin vine and it is producing like crazy now. I was afraid for a while it would just flower and then the blooms would keep falling off but it seems to have its act together now lol.I threw the lil pumkins and gourds I decorated with last year into my garden and it turned out to be the best planting I've done. Go figure...
We had a great time over the weekend with our extended family. We had a cookout for BabyGirl's birthday. We had some great food and amazing fellowship. Its always nice when family can get together and celebrate. I also got to spend the day with my Seester Nomi on Monday. We had a great time just hanging out together. We don't get to do that much anymore because life keeps us busy.
I start classes again on Monday. I only have class two days a week for the Fall semester. I hope that my Spring semester has roughly the same schedule because I don't want to have to make major changes to our homeschool schedule. We won't start our schooling til after Labor Day.
Our county fair is coming up and we will be working on projects for that. I will keep you posted on what if any ribbons we bring home. This year the focus of our fair is the century farms in our county. I'm so excited to see the presentations for them. Before tourism took over here , our county was mostly agriculturally based. Now high taxes are forcing local farmers to sell and subdivide and to me that is awful.I appreciate all the great visitors we have here but in reality tourism has not been a good thing for our area. People that live in this county rarely work here because its all tourist related low paying jobs; and we can't "live" on that type of income because of the cost of living due to the fact that taxes have been raised to better deal with and support the tourism industry and the fact that we have grown so high in population.Rent is through the roof and a house that you could buy for $74,000 ten years ago now sells for around $150,000 or more. Most of the people who work here are actually driving from poorer counties around ours. Most people who live here work in higher paying construction jobs and the like in places like Knox county. Many of our local farms are gone now or largely decreased in acreage.Its sad that "progress" always seems to eliminate the little man. Here's some questions for you. Do you see the same thing happening in your area? Are the family farms disappearing ? Leave me a comment and let me know if you see the same trend in your county. Blessings! ~ Nikki

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Cary Ann said...

That was funny about the pumpkins and gourds..we had the same thing happen here. We had gourd plants popping up all over the place and they were growing better than the actual garden..lol. Go figure :) Hope your schooling continues to go well this semester. Have a great week.
Cary Ann