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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Chilly Morning :)

Yes, you read it right; it is chilly brrrr. I love it though. We had such a nice, mild, and very "unhumid" day yesterday and our temp this morning was 59. Nice :) I was able to see some meteors this morning from the Perseid's shower. I sat on the porch for a few but I got a little cool so I came inside for some pumpkin spice cappuccino. Sorry I have not posted in a bit but life has been moving right along. I took my finals and I am very blessed to have passed all my classes with an "A". I am so thankful to the Lord for that. I enjoyed my 37th birthday with my family. I have been doing some major house cleaning so that when school starts back up and our homeschooling begins again, our house will be neat and in order and it won't be so stressful to try and keep up with clutter.
I know that we are just dipping our toes in August but already the ironweed and goldenrod is blooming here and we don't usually see that 'til mid to late September. I'm wondering if even though this Summer has been super hot if we might be going to have an early and cool Autumn. I hope so. My pumpkin vine did not make it this year but I had a volunteer gourd vine just flourish in my flower bed and it is bearing fruit now so I will have some free fall decorations at least. The seeds I got by dead-heading my FIL garden are coming up so I will also have some wonderful Autumn flowers for free.
I enjoy looking at the Farmer's Almanac websites HERE & HERE. Our first frost is expected on October 22 according to the almanac.Thats not too far away.Are you ready for Autumn? I am. Let me know what your favorite season is. Blessings! ~ Nikki

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