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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guess What ?

Good morning everyone! I hope that you had a blessed Christmas. We were able to spend Christmas with both Preacher's parents and mine We went to Chattanooga on Friday and came home Sunday afternoon after we had Christmas lunch with them. We got home just in time to have Christmas supper with my family. The food and fellowship was awesome. Preacher's sister and her family blessed us with dinner (China Moon YUMO!) and a movie for Christmas. We had some great family time that we really enjoyed. Our tight budget doesn't make for dinner and a movie very often.We still wanted to have a private Christmas celebration with our kids so they opened a small present at Preacher's parents then after we left we stopped by an old Civil War camp (now a soccer field) and had our regular gift opening. We had a blast. Odd, different but fun.I was blessed with a family sticker set I sooo wanted (yay!) , new shoes and a beautiful birthstone ring.
But guess what? Before we left Friday afternoon I checked the mail. Wanna know what was in it? Hmmmm? It was a letter....that stated....congratulations, you have been accepted to Walters State Community College school of Nursing for the Spring semester.... I cried...tears of joy cause it was months of hard work and the blessings of God that got me here...it was like I had been holding my breath since Summer semester.Wow, now the intense studying begins lol. Be praying for me.I have orientation the first week of January and classes start on the 12th. I'm ready for this journey...I think:) Blessings! ~ Nikki

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J.C. (Chy) said...

Happy New Year to you too, Mommy! Love you!