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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning all

Preacher and 3 of our Blessings went to Chattanooga this week and Tman and I stayed home. We have had a pleasant week together watching tv and goofing off. He is at work this morning and I have been lurking around on the computer. I have most of my housework completed except for a small load of laundry but I think I will wait till the family gets back today with their dirty stuff before washing it. I could go outside and start working in the flower beds but it looks like rain is eminent so I think I will hold off for now. I have been fighting a headache for 3 days and had a bout with a tummy bug yesterday so I'm not feeling completely up to par anyway. Maybe I will just laze around this morning. It would be a good time to start working on some Christmas projects. Have a blessed day everyone :) Blessings ! ~ Nikki

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