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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Good morning everyone! Today is starting out nice and cool although it is a little rainy and sometimes even stormy. I took some money to Tman this morning at the Rescue Squad and I got soaked to the bone from the heavy wind and rain. Things have calmed somewhat now and I am enjoying a lazy moment before heading out to start my day.
I am officially the proud owner of a new screen door. Preacher surprised me the other day with it. I came home from my Momma's and he had just finished hanging it. He knows I have wanted one for years. I grew up with screen doors on our houses and what I love even more than the breeze through one is the *squeak*. Ahhh, that's a special sound from childhood. I think I will write a post on screen doors :)
I finished finals on Wednesday and ended up with all A's this semester except for one well deserved and hard fought for B lol. My instructor/advisor said I did a wonderful job this semester and she even wrote a letter of recommendation for me. I have applied for several part time jobs and even had an interview Thursday. I thought it went well and I expect to hear back from them. We are praying about it for sure. Preacher took me to pick up my letter at campus yesterday morning and afterward we went yard-saling for a little while. We bought a 4 piece luggage set that looks new for $15. It has 2 rolling suitcases , a large one and a small one. That is why I wanted them. I need a rolling suitcase for next semester and a small one at the store is $20. Preacher also got a new propane torch attachment that hooks to his large tank for $5. We also got some clothes for the kids at cheap prices. All in all we spent very little and got some great deals.Last night we sat in the swing and watched the "super moon" and were blessed to see several meteors from the shower.We even snuck off for a $1 ice cream treat , which was nice :) We had a few lightening bugs flashing in the yard this week. I'd say by next weekend they will really be lighting the yard up. We enjoy watching them on summer nights. There is something so peaceful about watching them "dance".
Thursday at midnight we went to see the Avengers movie. BabyGirl got tickets for us. We saw it in 3D and it was pretty awesome. I am a Marvel nerd from childhood and it is rubbing off on my kids. We were tired when we got home about 3 am but we had a good time and its nice to do things like that together.
Today I have plans to do more housework and get everything back in its place. Later this afternoon we are having a cookout at my uncle's. I hope that y'all  have a great Saturday. Blessings! ~ Nikki

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