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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello...again...oooh Pinterest

No excuses for this huge break in posts except  for : school. But that is done for summer and graduation is in sight; December 14 as a matter of fact. I am so ready for having some extra time. Every free moment I had this past semester I tried to spend with my family. Now we can have a much more relaxed schedule and just enjoy the "winding down" time of summer. We have some schooling to finish up for Hoopy and Roosie but just a few minor things. We will have it all wrapped up by month's end. Big thanks to my DD BabyGirl for making me a new blog set. I figured since the snow finally stopped ( here at least) then I should take away the winter theme from my blog.
The weather channel is calling for this to be a colder than usual summer for the Southeast but I find that hard to believe since we have been soaring into the 80s the past two weeks.  We have had some strange weather patterns to be sure this year.
With warmer temps and summer come the lovely summer holidays! Memorial Day and July 4th are just around the corner; so I have been perusing Pinterest to gather ideas for decorations and of course food. Check out my Pinterest board 'Merica ( yes, I know...but the kids and I find our country, redneck humor bone just had to do it) to see some great ideas for the patriotic holidays. Be sure to follow that board to see all the new stuff I pin. Blessings!
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