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Friday, June 27, 2014

A little while back the Weather Channel posted a graphic that said the Southeast would be seeing a cooler than normal summer. I'm not sure the weather has seen that graphic because it is absolutely not conforming to it. *sigh* We have been floating in the 90's with high humidity for weeks and there does not seem to be any change coming soon. Maybe we will have an early Fall this year. Right now everything is drying up in this heat. My pretty spring flowers are a long gone memory. 
With the heat outside, we have been working on de-cluttering our house inside. Today we are finishing up our "desk switch a roo". BabyGirl bought a new to her desk at a local thrift store yesterday. She needed more space for her editing. She gave her old desk to Roosie who needed more space for her drawing. Roosie gave me her old desk for me to use in the kitchen since I needed less space than the big table I was using to study on. Now I think we are all content. 
Last week I worked in the kitchen trying to rearrange things so that it felt more open. I got rid of one of my storage shelves and moved some others around. I think I have it just about perfect. The kitchen seems bigger and brighter. I still have to switch around some things in the cabinets but I will work on that Monday. 
Toodles used my shelving unit I took from the kitchen to organize his stuff on the carport. By recycling items this week we have managed to meet a lot of needs for each other. 
My favorite part of this de-clutter and rearranging is that now my Mamaw's antique metal cabinet is used solely in housing our baking ingredients and pans. I used mason jars and post-it labels to create storage bins for things like chocolate chips, coconut and baking powder. It looks so nice and neat and it is easy to find things in a hurry now. Is anyone else doing any de-c;uttering this summer? Blessing!
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Jameson C. Smith said...

Hurray for new desks! :)

Jameson C. Smith said...

You've been given the Sunshine Award.

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