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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Farmers Market

Roosie and I went to the farmer's market Saturday at our local Farmers CoOp. There were not many vendors out but we still found some great produce at good prices. Then we came home and picked lettuce and onions from the garden. We had a wonderful lunch :) We had fried green maters, pinto beans, cornbread, fried yellow squash and "kilt" (y'all country folk know what I'm talking about) lettuce and onions. It was very fattening but very good.
I ended up having 2 quarts of green bell pepper, 2 quarts of banana pepper and 2 quarts of yellow squash to put in the freezer. You can keep up with our canning and freezing using the pages tabs at the top of my blog if you'd like. I have to get my cukes pickled tonight.I think I will end up having about 5 quarts to can. We will see :) I have to at least get an extra pint made for the county fair.
I have been slugging away at school and I am almost done with my first math class. I have a final on the 5th for it and if I pass the class I will start my next math class on the 6th. If all goes as planned I will take my prenursing exam in July and earn some extra points. I will apply for nursing school this Fall. I get 3 weeks off in August before Fall classes start.
Please be in prayer for Preacher. He goes to the doctor today to find out if they will be doing surgery to try and fix the damage in his shoulder from a fall he had several years ago at his old job. If he has surgery and is out of work things will be real tight around here again instead of "kinda" tight :) I know God will provide cause he has never failed us yet but my humanity worries a lot sometimes if ya know what I mean.
Well I'm off for another day. Blessings !

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Cary Ann said...

I will certainly keep your hubby in my prayers! I hope all turns out well for him. I am so glad school is still going good. I wish you the best of luck with it all. Hope you have a great 4th of July :)
Many Blessings,
Cary Ann