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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Late Night Rambles

I hope this post finds all of you in Blogland doing well. We have been enjoying cooler temps and lots of rain in our area. Everything is turning green again and Preacher actually had to mow this week. This drought and heat has been terrible for so many. Gas has already risen back to $3.18 her and we were at $2 .92 around the 4th. Food prices are expected to  soar too. Now would be a great time to stock up if you have not already. Buy while it is cheap :) Stretch that dollar til it screams !
School has been going ok so far. This summer I am taking speech and a humanity; neither which I like. Oh well, it must be done. At night while at work I try to accomplish all I can on homework when I have some down time.
Today I managed to can some salsa. My parents had an abundance of "maters" so they shared with us. This was my first time making salsa but it turned out so yummy. I tweaked a recipe from the Ball canning book. I will write up a post about it later; hopefully tomorrow :)
Signing off tonight I will leave you with this interesting tidbit:
As I have mentioned before, my DD BabyGirl is a writer (an amazing one at that) and she is having an interesting discussion on her blog. You should check it out!
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