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Monday, April 11, 2011

Whats Been Going On ...

Well it has been busy for us since Friday. I went to Nomi's house so she could cut my hair and to help her pin a quilt. We had a great time together and I ended up getting tons of great vintage fabric from her although I never did get around to getting the hostas I wanted :)
Saturday was spent doing some work around the house. Hoopy and I got our other garden plot plowed. We ended up using a small area in our side yard. I think we will be able to get several rows of corns. beans and other things in there. We still have tons of stuff to do it seems but we will get around to it this week. Steady is the best pace. We added to some fill dirt around the base of one of our large trees in the front yard so that I can plant some flowers there. I will be getting some top soil to cover it and make it look pretty.
I have been working on a new apron in lovely pinks and browns. I need to finish my cowboy quilt set too. I have also started crocheting some lighter weight fingerless gloves for my oldest daughter. She loves having them on while she writes. She says they keep her fingers from cramping so bad.
Sunday was a great day spent at church and then my parents house. We spent all afternoon hanging out on the front porch and just reminiscing. It was awesome. I love time spent with family. Well thats the quick recap of our weekend. Blessings! ~ Nikki

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