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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I Received An Extra Special Blessing

I recently lost my health insurance and unfortunately they had not finished paying for my CPAP machine. They only rent it for 10 months to insure that you are using it then they pay it off. I only had mine for about 4 months when my insurance ran out. So today I had to return mine to the home health center. The guy that works there was so upset that I was not going to be able to keep my machine. He was trying to think of anyway possible to help me get another at low cost or free. He happens to volunteer for our local low income clinic and said that they could possibly help me get one. He told me who to contact at the clinic and said for me to have them set me up for an appointment and see if their doctor would prescribe me a machine. So off I went to the clinic (mind you getting an appointment there can take months) to see Sheri. When I get there and tell her what happened and that Jay said for me to come by and see if they could help, she told me to hang on because she thought they that had recently had one donated. She goes to look and comes back and hands it to me and says"  there ya go sweetie". I was so thankful! No appointment, no wait! I then took it to Jay and he cleaned it and set it for me for no charge. I'm so glad that God puts people like that in our lives to be a blessing to us. I hope that I can be so great a blessing too.
Please be praying for my Son, Tman. He had some blood work done to see whats been going on and making him feel so rotten. We were suppose to get the results back today but the doctors computers went down so now we wait til tomorrow. Thanks y'all. Blessings! ~ Nikki

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