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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Thankfully last night the severe storms passed us by and we only had some heavy rain. For some reason though our temps started dropping this afternoon and now its cold. I turned the heat on so we could warm up.
We have had a busy day. Tman had to go to work. The girls and I went to clean church and visit with my parents for a few. Preacher and Hoopy worked on the mower and did some work for our neighbor. I also did some declutter work in the kitchen. We will be doing a whole lot more in the coming weeks. Preacher finally got the mower going and was able to mow the yard. It was just too cold and windy for Hoopy to weed eat right now so we will put it off til Monday.
For supper I made country fried steak using some hamburger patties I had in the freezer. We also had baked potatoes,corn and gravy. Roosie made homemade monkey bread for desert.We tweaked our recipe a little and its so yummy :)
We got the big garden in the other day and I drew up a plan for it today so I can keep track of whats where and whatnot lol.
click for a larger image
I need to get the other garden finished and get my tripod up and get the other tomatoes going. Next week will definitely be busy.
I'm getting ready to go relax for a bit. Hallmark will be showing "The Shunning" tonight at 9. Its from the Beverly Lewis book.I'm looking forward to it. So have a great night everyone! Blessings! ~ Nikki

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