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Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 Random Things About Me

We did this over at The Deliberate Homesteader. I thought it was fun so I'm passing it along here. Will you join me? Leave a comment with your post link so I can read your random things. Blessings! ~ Nikki
1. I was a tomboy growing up.
2.My papaw taught me to hunt,fish and run traplines.
3.I had to carry water from a springhouse when I was a kid and use the "outhouse". (My Grandparents didn't have indoor plumbing).
4. I was a Metal Trades student in high school. Yes I can weld...even won awards for it.
5.I have always loved to write (from poetry to music to stories).
6.I've built race cars.
7.When I read a book I "hear" the characters in my head. Especially if I have seen the movie based on the book.
8. If I see someone cry...even on tv it makes my eyes water...and I cry.
9.I love history... theres nothing like looking in the past to see what will happen in the future because history repeats itself. Really...stirrup pants,leg warmers and bell bottoms came back didn't they? Big hair will be next; I have faith in it ...lol Seriously though, our past can teach us great things.
10. I hate looking over the edges of things;like bridges, buildings,cliffs,etc. I developed vertigo years ago and it makes me feel dizzy and sick when I do that. Which is weird for me now because I used to climb like a monkey.

1 comment:

Cary Ann said...

My hubby is a welder and says women make the best welders because they can keep their hands steadier and have smaller hands. He's tried to teach me..LOL.I love history too. Hope you have a great day :)