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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Catch Up

For the past few days we have been fending off a tummy bug. It trickles down through the family so maybe by weeks end we will all be done with it. We are expecting more snow tonight into tomorrow. Not sure yet what we will get. Weather guy says it depends on what system gets here first;cold air or precipitation.
My oldest Son joined the local rescue squad Saturday as an Explorer. He wants to be a paramedic and he can earn scholarships through working with the squad. He is very excited and so am I. He is learning the trucks right now but his first official classes begin in February with a skywarn class that teaches about severe weather. Parents are welcome in this class too and he wants me to attend. Then its on to his first aid, CPR; First responder type courses. My youngest Son is going to join the Explorers team of our local volunteer fire department as soon as their class starts up.
We have been looking  around for a newer vehicle. We are seriously thinking of buying a suburban (4x4) although I fell in love with the Dodge Durangos. I love the Suburbans too, always have and they do have more room so we are gonna pray about it and see what the Lord wants us to do.Although I would love to hear y'all's opinions too on the pros and cons of each. Larger vs smaller and such. So comment and let me know what your thoughts are.
Last Friday for supper I fixed a HUGE roast that I had caught on sale at Food City. It cost $20 but was marked down from $30; and it was indeed HUGE. So Saturday I took the leftovers and made beef stew and we finished it off on Sunday so we got three good meals out of that $20 roast. I won't buy meat at those prices unless I can spread it out like that.
We had a very short school day today because we have to leave in an hour or so to get Preacher from work. He has an appointment at the VA medical center today. We finished most of our science unit today (human body). We will be done and testing out by Friday. We would have been done with it much sooner but we have done a ton of running this year plus we have two student conventions to prepare for so we have to get those projects done too.It all works out in the end though because in reality its what they have learned and committed to heart and memory more than what "pages" we have finished that matter to me. We are learning wherever we go it seems. Every day brings a new "science" or "social studies" lesson outside of our textbooks. Yeah, we claim we are eclectic homeschoolers but we do have some "unschooling" tendencies in us :). I'm wondering how to plan our homeschool for next year. Although I am returning to school myself I still want to continue teaching our kids at home because we love it and its what they want to do too. If they change their minds then we will look at other options . Are there any of you other homeschool mommas out there who have homeschooled and attended school at the same time who could toss out some tips for me? Comment and let me know. Thanks in advance and have a blessed day!


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