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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Googled...

My daughter told me the other day that Googled was a dead word. But today...I Googled anyway. I don't why. I think I was just curious...so I Googled me. Believe it or not I exist in the Google world. I'm there! I show up in the results. I found myself in the white pages, on Julia Bettencourt"s website for Women's Ministry where she used a devotion I wrote ( I was so excited it when she told me...I love knowing my writings and thoughts might help someone), I found where another of my devotions was reprinted in a newsletter for a Methodist church,I found my blog listed too. So what did I learn from Google today? That whether we realize it or not we make an impact on someone somewhere. The question is; what kind of impact do we make? Good... or bad?

So be careful where you leave your footprints because someone will follow behind you at some point and hope that your footprints will lead them in the right direction. Blessings! ~ Nikki


Cary Ann said...

I didn't know google was dead..LOL. I am soo behind:) I google stuff ALL the time.But I have never googles myself or people. That is interesting. I will have to go do that and see what happens.

Nikki said...

I used Google too most of the time but my Son has me hooked on using Bing for searching for pictures and stuff. In some ways its a much better search engine.