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Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow And Indoor Growing Tip

Well , its here! More snow! Its very pretty and really coming down. It somewhat disheartens me though; I get the feeling that its going to be a long Winter :( I'm already longing for Spring so I can play in the dirt . I would love to get my "maters" going inside but my worries are that our March won't be very warm. I'd really hate to baby them for so long only to have the cold take them out. But such is the way of gardening right? I need to start saving up some plastic takeout containers. I use the bakery/deli type plastic containers from the grocery store to use as mini greenhouses when I start my plants. They work great. Anyone else have any indoor growing tips? Blessings! ~ Nikki


Cheryl said...

Enjoy the beauty of the snow. Spring will soon come with all the wonderful work in the gardens, etc. I was longing for spring yesterday as we came home from church. I so want to see the green leaves and yards. We have had 16 inches of snow this winter so far and have more in the forecast.

I am glad that I found your blog through Frog Level Homestead. I was on HSB as Holcomb Happenings. I have moved my blog from there.

Have a great day.


Cary Ann said...

That is a good idea (the take-out boxes). Do you just plant your seed and close the lid up? Do you punch holes in the boxes? I will have to try that out.Spring will be here before you know it :)

Nikki said...

Hi Cheryl! I love the pictures of the icicles on your blog :)

Cary Ann, I just fill the boxes halfway with potting soil then plant the seed and water it lightly. then I close the lid and let the humidity go to work. Its so much easier doing it this way than trying to find places for a bunch of cups. This way I can stack the containers until plant growth brings the need to keep the lids open.