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Saturday, January 8, 2011

So Far In The New Year

We have had snow...more than our fair share I dare say. We actually had a white Christmas which was nice. We had a great holiday spent with our family. Our new years weekend was great. Preacher's sister and her family came up.
I have been working on a baby quilt that I will be selling on Etsy when it is finished. I'm hoping to make a few extra dollars this year to supplement our income.
The big news for me this year? I applied to our local community college . I will be enrolling in their nursing program. I first have to take some biology courses (prenursing stuff). I'm excited though. I knew that I wanted to go back to school it was just a choice between teaching and nursing. I chose nursing  because I've always wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. For years I considered getting my teaching degree but after much thought and prayer I just don't feel that I could acclimate to the indoctrination and aversion to Christianity that is going on in our public schools these days. I love homeschooling my kids and will continue to do so. We will just have to do some work on scheduling when I know when my classes will be. I don't start til this fall so we have a bit to work on details.
I have three pumpkins that are sitting around waiting to become pumpkin butter. They were suppose to be in jars weeks ago lol but I cant seem to find my motivation for it. Y'all need to encourage me to get busy, these things won't last forever :)
I did receive my first seed catalog the other day. I realized that I pretty much want everything in the book. Sadly I have not the space nor funds for that :) I'm really not sure how I'm going to do my gardening this year. I know the "maters" will be a staple this year as always. I will probably do cukes of course as my kids feel the world revolves around pickles. Do y'all have your garden plans ready yet? What are you planting?
Blessings! ~ Nikki

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