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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bath Towel Apron

My dear MIL had given me this luxurious bath towel and I had decided to make it into an apron. That was months ago ... so today while nursing my arthritis riddled hip  :) I decided to get busy sewing. The towel was 54 inches long so after I took off what I needed for the bib apron I have enough for a half apron like my Mamaw always wore. This picture is not the greatest cause I took them with my phone but my cousin Noo has my camera to get pictures of her DS's graduation. I will post better ones when I can. I used some binding fabric I've had for years to make the border and ribbons. I used the scraps from where I tapered the apron to make the pockets. Let me know what you think. Blessings!

I’m not the best sewer but would love to try this. Is it hard to make? I love aprons and wear them almost daily. this would be a great one to have. Blessings, Ann     

HI Ann, this one was super easy to do. I actually did all the sewing by hand because there just wasn’t’ that much of it. I folded the towel in half length wise and cut it to my desired length. This towel came to nearly my ankles and I cut it to right above my knee. I didn’t even measure, just roughly cut where I wanted it. While I still had it folded length wise , I made a tapered cut from the top down the side of the towel that is about 6″ or so in length, once again I didn’t measure I just kinda eyeballed it LOL.That gave me my bib design. I then just sewed on the binding by folding it in half over the edges. This is so easy and virtually mistake proof.What I love about it is that the towel is so thick that it can really take a spill without soaking my clothes. Plus its white and I can bleach it without worries. Post about it if you make one, I would love to see it. I had enough towel left to make a half apron so I’m going to work on that today. Blessings!

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