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I hope the day finds everyone well and happy :). I have been lurking and reading a lot lately but honestly my brain has been too fried to re...

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catch Up

Good morning everyone! I hope this day finds you all well and happy :) Seems like I haven't posted in forever. We have been busy beavers around our place. Mostly trying to stay cool in this awful heat we have been having. Our heat index has been well into the triple digits. This week we are cooling down into the upper 80's. Talk about a cold snap :)
The garden has been the one to suffer the most. Even the hardiest plants are calling it quits around here. I believe I will be replanting and trying to have a better garden during the cooler days of early Fall. Here in East Tennessee I can sometimes have a good "warm" growing season till late October. I have gotten some cukes from the vines, not many but enough to have fresh for supper. I have some okra coming in. Preacher will like that for supper one evening.
Preacher and I celebrated our anniversary Friday. He brought me home orange roses and purples roses (my fave) plus a lovely tea rose I can replant.  We went out for dinner and a movie. We even went out for a milkshake afterwards. We had a great time together. Our kids were awesome for taking care of each other so we could date. Thanks guys!
Good news is we finally have our van running.

What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. We have had a few cukes to eat. Hopefully I will have enough for pickles soon.
Have a great day.
Wishing you a A HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (even if it is a little late). Sounds like you had a great evening.
Good morning…..well sort of morning.
I am in the same boat with the heat. My plants are struggling to stay alive, must less produce. I am getting a few tomatoes, cukes and peppers but not enough to can. I guess I will have to go to the farmers market to buy things to can. Sad….when you have two gardens. Oh well, I planted a little too late due to my injury and then the heat wave begun as soon as everything started to produce.
I learned some things though. I am ready to replant for the fall garden….the second growing season. The garden has some sort of vines that are taking over and I can’t seem to get loose long enough to get them all out. If I take the baby out there she runs away from me so I end up chasing her instead of weeding or anything else. Just like gardens people have seasons too. :)
Be blessed.   

Hello…Sorry the garden is not doing so well. It’s a lot of work planning & planting to have it not do well. You are fortunate to be able to try again in the fall. Here in upstate N.Y we get just one stab at it! :)
Seems like one thing after another here at the Roost as well. Everything is breaking!!! :) But we keep bumping along. Hope you are having a good day………Blessings……….Teresa from the Roost!
Blessings Nikki! It is so hot down here, too! Heat index well into the 100′s and the temp has hit 105…it is pure tee hot!
A Happy Anniversary to you, and glad you are doing well. Have a beauitful night, and God bless!

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