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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday ~ Mamaw & Papaw's Dugout

Earlier this morning I posted a comment on another blog talking about my Grandparents dugout. I thought about it and realized that I have so many wonderful memories of my family and growing up on the farm. I thought, well why not just post about them. So here it is , a little meme for memories. I'd like to introduce you to :
Take Me Back Tuesday
A place to share a memory of your childhood  or any time in your past that makes you smile. Join in if you would like to share. Blessings! ~ Nikki
The Dugout
My Grandparents had a little dugout dug into the side of the hill beside their house. It wasn't very large but had plenty of storage space for all my Mamaw's canned goods. The temperature was constant throughout the year so that made it the optimal place to store food. Of course the cooler temps inside during the summer made it the optimal place to play. We were not allowed to play inside because Mamaw feared we would break her canning jars and trust me that fear was well grounded ; for indeed we did break some over the years. The trick to playing inside the dugout was not to get caught. We had to sneak in one at at time over a period of time. If Mamaw or Papaw saw us all go to the side of the house at one time they knew something was up. Mamaw and Papaw tried to keep us out by reminding us of the old black snake that lived in there but we didn't bother him and he in turn didn't bother us. We spent many stolen hours inside playing in the hard packed dirt. It was also a place of refuge for me when I felt lonely or sad or when I needed to hide because I was going to get my bottom spanked :) The musty smell of the earthen floor and walls is still in my memory. I don't believe I have any pictures of the dugout sadly, but I do have the dugout door. When my Mamaw passed away I got it before the property was sold. The dugout had long been out of use by then although there was still jars in there from when I was a child. I use it in my garden and it is decorated with pieces of my childhood. Old clocks and such. In the picture below you can see it with my Grandparents chairs and one of my Mamaw's old canners. So whats your memory for today?


Me and my cousins use to play in my Mom’s (grandma) basement. We would play wall ball, school, skate, ping ping, house….etc. They never finished it out, so it was mostly concrete, but it was still great. We spent alot of time down there. Our imaginations would run wild :O)

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