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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jane Austen ~ Booksneeze Book Review

Jane Austen by Peter Leithart

 I love the classics written by Jane Austen. I love the critical and sometimes sarcastic but always fun loving characters in her stories. From reading this biography you can see that her family was much like the characters she wrote about. This was a nice look into the "real" Jane Austen and what her life was really like without all the romanticized hype of a Hollywood film. (Although I did enjoy Becoming Jane)I do have to admit though that sometimes the book could be a little slow to read through. From my own experience though, most biographies do have a tendencies to have slow parts. Not everything thing in someones life can be dramatic and exciting; right? All in all, if you are a Jane Austen fan I think you will enjoy this book. You will learn some fascinating details of the woman who has forever fascinated and captured our hearts with her wonderful cast of characters.Be sure to buy it today for your favorite Austen fan. Blessings! ~ Nikki
This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishing for my honest review.

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