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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Old Cherry Tree

Not long ago I picked a gallon of wonderful cherries from Momma and Daddy's cherry trees. We had a great but sticky time picking them. We snacked on cherries and made some yummy cherry pie too. Cherry picking at my parents always reminds me of my Papaw's large cherry tree ; especially since my parent's trees came from seedlings of that long revered tree. That tree was somewhat a source of pride for my Papaw. It was tall for a cherry tree, huge to my younger self, and had wide spreading boughs. It was a favorite place to sit under since it stood at the bottom of the little hill where our house sat. Its branches hung over the trail that led to my Mamaw and Papaw's house. When in full bloom it was a beautiful site. When those cherries were deep red we knew it was picking time. Papaw had an old cane fishing pole that looked like it was ten feet long that he would use to knock the cherries off the top of the tree with. We thought it was great fun as kids to gather the ripe fruit off the ground. Papaw had one rule for that cherry tree; no climbing on it. That would have been fine for us except that tree had the best branches for climbing. The lowest one was perfect to sit on and read or to sit on and hide under the blossoms during a game of hide and seek. Many times we got a "chewing out" from Papaw because we got caught in that tree. I was so saddened to see that old tree have to go. It was a sad day when they cut it down. Even now, though the old homeplace is gone...(Mamaw and Papaw's house was torn down, our old house still stands)... there is a cherry tree that grows by the side of the road beside Papaw's flower beds. It is an offspring of that lovely giant . After all these years I can still drive by in late Spring and see that tree covered in luscious red fruit. It makes me smile and long for the old days.
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I can remember picking cherries from our tree, when I was growing up. Even though it is a good memory, because I loved that farm, it was also a bad memory. See, I have allergies and every time I would pick cherries, my eyes would itch and swell. But those cherries were so good! This year, I thought….surely I have out grown that. But no, when I picked my cherries and got in the tree, my right I swelled, itched and had welps around it. I got a good cobbler out of them though :O)

I would love to join in! What wonderful memories you have shared with us today…thank you!

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