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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hey All

Its another beautiful Fall day here. I am spending the day watching over my Momma. She was very ill over the weekend and had to go to the ER. She is doing much better now though. My Aunt Shelia has a double mastectomy tomorrow. The new lump turned out to be another cancerous tumor. The oncologist and surgeon feel the DM is her best option.Y'all be praying for her and Nomi tomorrow. I know they are both having a rough time dealing with all this. God knows what we can bear though although sometimes we have to bend a lot :)
We have been having some cold nights here in the Smokies. The leaves are going to be spectacular this year. If possible you should take a drive this way to check them out. Going over the mountain from gatlinburg to Cherokee, NC will be at peak this weekend. I wish we could roadtrip Saturday but we have our community Fall Fest , BabyGirl has her ACT and the van isnt running as good as it should. So maybe another time lol.
Well y'all have a great Fall day. Im off to fix lunch. Blessings! ~ Nikki

2010/10/19 at 11:32 amWe almost took out in that direction the other day :) I know it is beautiful there this time of year. I love the Smokies…just not the commercialism part.We are the “off the beaten trail” kind of folks (haha). I will certainly keep your mother and aunt in my prayers!
I will be praying. My mom went through this over 7 years ago. She ended up having a DM as well.
Have a great day.
I’m sorry to hear of your aunts cancer. Will be praying for her and your mom too. It’s so hard to see loved ones go through this sort of thing. Prayers and hugs…Teresa

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