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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm Back ~ With December Snow!

Hey everyone! I have been taking a little blog break since October. Life here has been hectic and I just had to concentrate on things at home. how about an update?
My Aunt Shelia is doing well. She had to have the double mastectomy, which she is having a little problem with. She has an area that is taking a long time to heal due to fluid gathering under the skin. They had to cancel her chemo (was due to start yesterday) until the wound is finally healed. Her pathology tests showed that she had three separate types of breast cancer. Doctor said he had never seen anything like it. Her tumors all had different markers. Her scans show that they got all the cancer with surgery but because of the circumstances she is in with the different tumors they feel that aggressive chemo and radiation is still the best plan for her full recovery. Her cancer is not hereditary though. The doctors thought it might be since two of our cousins have BC as we found out when Shelia was diagnosed. All in all her spirits are good. She is dreading losing her hair. She is coming to terms with her scars and is handling that well although she said the first look was really hard for her. So you all please keep praying for her. I appreciate all your comments and encouragements for her, they mean a lot.
My Momma is feeling lots better although her potassium levels keep dropping so she is on meds for that. My daughter BabyGirl scored a 23 on her ACT. Her financial aid is all done . We have to do a campus tour and then she starts classes in January.right now she is in Florida with her cousin having a great time.
Today of course is the first day of December (where did this year go?). And with the new month came a surprise..we got snow! Its just a little dusting but enough to make you feel all Christmasy.
Well its time to get busy .Have a great day everyone! Blessings! ~ Nikki

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