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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy First Day Of September

Summer is leaving quickly. Our high humidity days are gone and although we still see temps in the 90s our evening temps are in the low 60s so it takes longer to heat up during the day. That makes for some pleasant time outside, at least until about 4. Leaves are littering the backyard already which brings a smile to my face :) I'm watching the afternoon sun as it moves across the box elder in our backyard. I know fall is closer when I see the light "play" a certain way on that tree. Sounds weird I know but true.
Labor day is almost here. My Brother's 40th birthday is Saturday and we are having a cookout for him. Preacher's family reunion is Saturday and I am encouraging him to go to it instead of hanging here with the party. He should go have fun with his Dad and family. His dad and his family are growing older and declining in health so all these little moments count. Our county fair comes in Monday. I didn't make anything as of yet to put in. I don't know why really. I just find myself feeling low on energy and kinda blah. I was suppose to return to my doctor in April for more tests on my heart and liver but I didn't go :0. I'm going to go next week though. Hopefully nothing is wrong and I'm just having an energy slump.
School starts for us on the 13th. I'm looking forward to that. I need to finish up some odds and ends on our schedules and plans for the year. I also need to get motivated on doing more sewing. Our youth group is selling things at a craft fair on the 18th to raise money for some conferences we would like to attend. I'm making some purses and t shirt shopping totes. I may make some rice pads too. I make them for our kids to use when they have colds. I use peppermint oil in them so they use them to help open their sinuses and to get warm when they are chilled.
Well everyone have a great day! Blessings! ~ Nikki

HI Nikki,
I too need to find time to sew. Summer just zoomed away from me. I’m looking forward to more cooler temps here, too. I’d like to get a few things done before the snow flies & makes me want to curl up under a blanket with my knitting! Have a great weekend.    
Hi Nikki….
Hopefully you feel better soon with more energy. I have those days too when I feel so blah. I chalk it up to my age …51 and menopausal.
I would love to see pics of your handmades when you can. I used to add things to the Texas fair but haven’t in ages . Maybe next year. The deadline is passed for this one upcoming.
Love Abby

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