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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally ! Another Take Me Back Tuesday Post :)

I live in what was once a small town. Over the years tourism has caused the population to explode  as people move here to make easy money in motels, restaurants and cabins. Its a sad site to look out now and see cabins on nearly every mountainside instead of trees. Traffic can be a nightmare as people try to pack themselves into Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Our town is the county seat, Sevierville. We are the traffic jam before you get to Pigeon Forge:)
I can remember when there was no traffic on the weekends. Believe it or not, Pigeon Forge Parkway used to be a 2 lane road.Dollywood used to be Silver Dollar City. My Great Uncle, James "Red" Maples was the prospector there for many years. Now you can  see him and my Great Aunt on our local tourist info channel.
When I was a little girl, if you needed something from town on Wednesday or Saturday you had best get there before 12pm because when the clock chimed 12 on those days, they rolled up the sidewalks and went home. Our original Walmart store was a tiny thing and closed on Sundays. Friday was "going to town days" and you had two choices for a grocery store; Food City or Piggly Wiggly. Then along came Kroger and now Super Walmart. Before the days of convenient grocery stores, my parent's families shopped at Greens rolling store. It was an old bus converted to carry grocery items and livestock (which some folks traded for groceries).
My family (Momma's kin) at one time owned most of the land on Maples Branch. It was a small farming community back in the day. My Great Grandfather donated the land for the school house and church in the community. The church still stands today. The old schoolhouse does too but its not wearing its years well. Sadly, my family sold most of the property off, although my Grandparents old spring house still stands as does one of the houses that was on their property. My Great Grandmothers house is still there too. My Great Uncle still lives in the community.
My area is rich in history. We have one of the loveliest courthouse in the nation I think. Of course most people know that Dolly is from here. And yes she is (real) distant kin. Of course most locals here are kin to Dolly through several family ties. Back in the day you courted and married from local communities in the area which meant that there were cousins galore.
There is so much I could talk about in our hometown. Our history and roots here go deep. How about you? Do you have small town you would like to post about? Write up a post and paste your link into Mr. Linky so that we can all check it out. Blessings! ~ Nikki

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