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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday One or the Other

Nov 24, 2009
I found this on Herbs and Honeys blog. I thought it was cute.
Apple/cinnamon or vanilla candles?  vanilla
Apple cider or egg nog?  neither
Pumpkin or pecan pie?  Pecan!
Turkey or ham?  Turkey
Black Friday's, yeah or neigh?  would love to but beyond broke :)
Gas logs or real wood ? Real wood. I love my fireplace!
A Christmas Story or White Christmas (movies)?  White Christmas ( I've already watched it this week :)
Real tree or fake?  Have had both . Love the easy care of fake but love the smell of real.
Charlie Brown tree or full & fluffy? Full
Christmas eve at a party or at home with family?Home with family
Open gifts all at once or take your time? Let the kids open first
Frosty or Rudolph? Sorry, gotta pick both
Star or angel tree topper?Star
White lights or multi?  White lights look lovely but sometimes I want color. Last year was the first time we used all white on a tree.
Thanks for stopping by :)
You have such a cute blog!
The candy corn is so cool.
One of these days I will learn more about
jazzing up my blog.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Herbs & Honey

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