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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Today we had a lazy time of it. We were just doing some light housework and watching tv. Preacher was off today... with pay :), just one of the perks of his new job. I did do some work in the flower garden today. I built several trellises for my grapevine to grow on instead of having it wind all over the porch railing and garden. I also put up the hummer feeder. I think our chilly days are finally over so I look forward to seeing my hummers. For supper we grilled some burgers and had supper family style around the table. Nice, real nice. I picked a gallon of cherries at my parent's house the other day so today Roosie and I made two cherry pies to have for dessert. They were yummy. Tomorrow I will be working at Nomi's shop and Wednesday I will be preparing for Tman's awards night and BabyGirl's high school graduation. *sigh* not sure if I am ready for that. Have a great evening everyone. Blessings!

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